Cost of a Poorly Design Website

Why is design so expensive?

The biggest misconception about website design is that the price tag seems too high to just “make things pretty”.

CEO of Jaguar Cars, Ralf Speth once shared, “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

The truth is a great website design is much more than just to “make things pretty”.

Unless all you want to do is for your business to look ‘pretty’.

What most business owners ultimately hope to achieve from a website redesign is to generate additional leads and sales.

Aesthetics and marketing strategies have to work hand to deliver a cohesive, impactful experience for consumers.

If you short-change on the overall experience of your website, you may realize you are losing out much more than you expected.

How Bad Website Design Can Kill Your Business
Low Perceived Brand Value
Bottle-necking your Business
Losing Potential Customers Forever
1. Low Perceived Brand Value

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